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Below is a list of resources that we recommend you check out.
One of the best ways to raise money is to auction items signed by your favorite celebrities. Contact Any Celebrity allows you to get complete contact information for thousands of celebrities, agents, sports figures and more. Their website is also filled with really helpful articles on how to get celebrities to sign your T-shirts, hats and more, free of charge! Click here to check it out!
We have used this company for nearly 8 years now with no complaints! Their tech support is English speaking, really smart and available 24/7 at no cost to you. Another great thing about this company is that you can host as many websites in your single account as you want and your cost remains the same. If you have volunteers, friends or family members who are all paying for webhosting, you could all share a single account with this firm and as a group, you would only pay $6.95 per month. They also provide unlimited e-mail accounts which is essential when you are trying to present yourself as a professional business to donors and to the media and they have full, free tracking capabilities so you will know how many people a day, week, month, hour visited your website. This is critically important when you are trying to get businesses to pay/dontae to be on your site. It is a Great deal! Click here to check them out.
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