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* Do you want to raise extra money
every month for your Organization?

* Do you want to help animal owners
save money and create fun, tasty,
healthy, all-natural treats for their
animal friends?

* Do you want to have a book with
your organization's name on the
front cover, with complete contact
information on the back cover so
donors and volunteers who want to
help you will know how to connect
with you for years to come?
Raise $12,950.00 for your Organization at
ZERO cost to you!
We are offering you an amazing way to raise $12,950.00 for your organization at ZERO cost to you. Our Pet Treat Cookbook has a beautiful high gloss cover, B&W interior and loads of tasty pet treat recipes provided by us for dogs, cats and horses. People who make their pet treats at home save a lot of money every year and they know exactly what is in them. No preservatives, no artificial colorings. All natural healthy ingredients, most of which are already found in your pantry at home!

By sharing your Personalized Pet Treat Cookbook with your adopters and visitors, you are not only helping them save money and serve healthy treats to their pets, but you are helping your organization raise up to $12,950.00 in funds at ZERO cost to you and you have the opportunity to build partnerships with local businesses at the same time!

We are also providing you with a page filled with helpful tips that will help you parlay your Personalized Pet Treat Cookbook into several long-lasting, positive opportunties for your organization to grow. Check out our link below:

Click here for tips on how to use your cookbooks to do the most good for your organization!

Your Personalized Pet Treat Cookbook includes more than 200 healthy, all natural pet treat recipes pet lovers can make at home. The suggested price is $12.95. The recipes in this fun book will:
* Help your organization raise $12,950.00,
* Help you increase your volunteers and donors,
* Help you raise your positive profile in the community,
* Help you build bridges with the business community,
* Save pet owners money when they make their own pet treats at home,
* Provide healthier treats for the dogs, cats and horses in your community,
* Provide a fun, family-friendly experience when families make homemade pet treats at home together,

Here is How the Program Works:

* Whitehall Publishing invites special organizations, like yours, to participate because you meet the necessary criteria for success,
* Whitehall Publishing's sales team, with your support sells ad space inside the book to local business owners who are interested in serving the needs of their community,
* We ask our participants (YOU) to help us get the word out to your community and most importantly, we ask that you help us thank your business supporters in every way you can. This could include showcasing them on a thank you page on your website, hanging their banner or giving out their brochures at your upcoming events, thanking them in press releases to your local media, etc. The list of opportunities for you to thank your sponsors is extensive and we will provide that to you so you can select those that fit you best. Notice, NONE of these steps will cost you any money. Our goal is to help you find as many free ways to show your appreciation for those businesses who support your success by providing them with as much added-value as possible. This is also a great way for your organization to build, positive, longlasting, mutually beneficial relationships with your business community.
* This ad revenue, paid directly to our publisher,
Whitehall Publishing, covers our cost to produce, print and ship 1000 Personalized Pet Treat Cookbooks to your location.

Whitehall Publishing Will:

* Compile more than 200 healthy, all-natural pet treat recipes for Dogs, Cats and Horses.
* Professionally lay out the inside of the book and design your custom covers.
* Support your efforts with our team to share space inside the book with your local business community which will offset the entire production cost of your 1000 books.
* Professionally create the business ads if our business partners needs help with that, and
* Have 1000 copies of the book professionally printed and delivered to your location at ZERO cost to you.
* Provide you with a page filled with helpful tips to maximize your success even beyond your Personalized Pet Treat Cookbook. Click here to check out the tips page.

Because you are a non
-profit, you can offer these books "for a donation" of $12.95 and by doing so, you also provide your buyers with a tax deduction at the same time!

People cherish cookbooks for decades, which means, YOUR name and contact information will be present in homes for years and years to come. What a great way to remind people about your organization and the great work you do in your community. You are also providing a valuable service to all the business owners who are helping to sponsor the book by providing them with a vehicle that will keep their name in the minds of consumers for years to come.

Each book is printed with a professional Wire-O binding so the book lays flat while in use.

Below are just a couple of the many testimonials we have received from nonprofits, artists, authors and others we have worked with:

"I really enjoyed the time we spent together. It did several things for me. It reinvigorated my enthusiasm for the non-profit. It has also very much excited the board to look at new possibilities. I think this was the right thing at the right time! I felt as though I have been struggling to just keep up with all the work - but in fact I can now see alternatives to getting the work done...Thank you so much Bonnie! It is very much appreciated. I hope to fill you in on our progress soon." Kathy Castro

"My time spent with Bonnie gave me a wealth of information. Bonnie has a unique gift, in that she is very knowledgeable about non-profits, advertising, websites, and technology, combined with motivational and speaking skills that will benefit me in my journey... Bonnie answered all my questions, and provided me with more information and ideas in our conference call than I have gotten from numerous sources in my first six months of business.. I highly recommend her to anyone in business, whether they are building or maintaining, for-profit or non-profit. Bonnie is upbeat, positive, and full of great ideas. Thank you for an invaluable session!" Cathy Willmeng

Click here for tips on how to use your cookbooks to do the most good for your organization!

If you are ready to move forward, or if you have any questions, contact us at:

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Pet Treat Cookbook program

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